15 October 2007

Challenge results

Last March, I was given some materials for a challenge. It's taken me this long to decide what to do with them! Here's the original post, with a photo of the materials. And now, this is what I've made:

It's a small textile piece, with woven strips of homespun plus the strips of paper, all stitched. Stamped on some of the fabric. Metallic coils as tassels on the sides. It now has a place on my cork board in the sewing studio.


  1. amazing what can be done with so little. And a lot of imagination. I like it. Especially the Playtime theme.

  2. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Excellent Erica it looks great

  3. It looks good! - very clever ;-)
    btw, if it had been me - I am not sure I would have still been able to FIND the bits to make the challenge a few months after I had been given them! LOL (I would have probably found them 2 years later, when having yet another attempt at organising my sewing room, and then done the challenge thingy instead of some other thing I was supposed to be doing, and then ended up doing whatever it was i should have been doing at 2am the night before I had to post/deliver/etc it!)
    disorganised in Dunlop
    (getting side-tracked reading blogs, instead of posting to mine ... lol)


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