07 October 2007

Lessons from a Campanula

This photo is for you, Michelle. It's amazing how many things I have learnt from this plant.

I bought this Campanula at least 10 years ago. I had it in a hanging basket on my balcony and the plant formed a tight, green mat of foliage for most of the year. Tiny, jagged leaves were all I saw most of the time until, once a year, it burst into glorious bloom.

Once had a proper garden, I divided up the plant and planted pieces of it in different pockets of the garden. Some pieces spread, while others withered. It rarely flowered. This year, my
various Campanula plants are covered in tiny, bell-shaped flowers. I love it more than ever.

So what lessons has it taught me?
1. How to focus my camera for close-up shots. I've only achieved that skill today.
2. How I adore blue flowers.
3. How to be patient and persistent.
4. How to appreciate what is here today.

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  1. It looks beautiful, Erica!

    I too have learnt something from campanulas. In my garden, they die. So I am lost in admiration for yours!

    Perhaps, now we are a dog-free garden, I might try again. Gardening is all about the triumph of optimism over experience...


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