20 October 2007

Living the Creative Life

I always get excited when I hear of a book that explores the idea of creativity. It's an endlessly fascinating theme for me. For this book the author, Rice Freeman-Zachery, has chosen to interview 15 artists about their creative processes. One of these is Susan Shie, whose quilts have a style that has always attracted me.

There is a lot to find interesting in these stories. Thankfully, the word 'art' does not start with a capital A. It always makes me cringe when I read people saying 'I make Art' or "I do Art' - it seems so self-important.

The stories in the chapter about creative childhood were fascinating, with the suggestion of being a creative mentor to a child something to consider. Of course, my favourite chapter was about work spaces (I love seeing where people work).

After finishing dipping in and out of the book I realised that reading about other people's processes is really a form of procrastination for me. I need to stop doing this and start stitching. So if there is any value for me in Living the Creative Life it is the message to just do it.


  1. I have bought this too and hope to read it over the next week. Your review has encouraged me.

  2. Stephanie11:05 am

    Maybe the saying about life is what happens while you are planning what to do applies here Erica


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