12 October 2007

Looking for fabric

I am looking to buy some more of this fabric, preferably in Australia. It is called "Romance" by Patricia B Campbell for Timeless Treasures. I bought it years ago, so it may not be still around. The number on the selvedge is #PCAM-C-3828. I want a couple of metres, if anyone can help?


  1. was this also in other colour ways?? If it is the one i think it is I have bought purple and green recently from my local shop...do you want to me check it out??

  2. Yes it is in other colourways. I recently saw a green version. I bought mine a few years ago so I was surprised to see the green one and got my hopes up that the blue one might still be around. If you happen to find the blue one at you local shop, could you let me know the shop and then I can get in touch with them?
    thanks aj.

  3. sorry Erica..I had a look...they have 4 other colour-ways (purple orange, and two different greens) but not blue...appaently there is a lighter blue as well


  4. Thanks for looking, AJ, much appreciated. I guess my blue fabric is popular! This is what forces us to be creative with our quilts! I'll have to put my thinking cap on...


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