23 October 2007

My social life

Do events in your life cluster in groups? I go nowhere and do nothing for weeks and then suddenly I'm going out to dinner three times this week (with different friends) and seeing another couple on the weekend. I decide to go to Braidwood on 24 November to see the outdoor airing of the quilts and suddenly we are having a Federal election on the same day and I have to remember to vote (somewhere). Why can't everything be spaced out ?

Another one of my recent events: Brenda has a photo of some of my ATCs on her blog (and I didn't even think to take a photo!). Last Saturday, I talked about my collection at the NSW Quilters' Guild meeting. I think there may even be a few converts to swap cards at the December meeting, so my collection can grow some more. I think I have about 80 now, and I'd like it to reach 100 by the end of the year. Can it be done?

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