01 October 2007

Weaving therapy

It's a ghastly day, weather-wise, here in Sydney. Over 30 degrees, wild gusty westerly winds and low humidity - we all know those conditions result in bushfires. Sure enough, fires have broken out on the northern and southern outskirts of the suburbs. If this is spring, I'm not looking forward to summer.

To escape the weather (and to ease the accompanying hay fever), I've spent the day sewing. My first batch of ATCs is completed and I've started to weave fabric strips for the next.

This is a very time-consuming process, but I also find it quite soothing. Therapeutic, really. The act of weaving quarter-inch strips allows my hands to do the work while my mind wanders. As you can see, there's a long way to go before I've finished these strips. Then I'll fuse them to the interfacing and start the stitching along every strip - horizontally and vertically. So it will take a while, but eventually this piece will end up as another set of ATCs.

Thanks to everyone who looked at my blog yesterday. I've changed the type of counter that's on my blog so you can see how many visitors (scroll down and look at the right-hand side of the screen). Next time it gets near a number with a zero, we can count up together!

I get so excited when people leave comments on my blog. Assuming that other bloggers might feel the same, my new aim is to leave more messages. Imagine the fun if we all did this!


  1. I love getting comments, too! I think it's one of the best things about blogging. That and the friendships that develop through the blog.
    I always enjoy your blog. There's a nice variety of interesting things to read about.

  2. Sometimes it's enough to say "Hey, I was here - I've seen what you wrote/made"
    and on the ATCs - what a surprise, Erica - blue and green!!!!!!! :P

  3. sorry but i have to ask..what are ATC?? that weaving reminds me of a jellyfish!! lovely though!!

  4. I know people are reading mine too, but a few more comments would be great and make the 'hits' more meaningful. Would be very happy to swap an ATC if you like, I'm hooked on them too!

  5. Yes, comments are great! Especially when people are interested in what you have been talking about, but yes, even a Hi, I saw your blog comment is good.

    The weaving looks great but very intricate! How do you keep everything in place? When I did it on the pond WIP, I did it flat on a table, and the strips were wide. That was really fast but this is so slow...

    No ATCs yet - today was devoted to ATASDA and the waiting room of the eye specialist for David... :-( Fast running out of time before Saturday.

  6. Wow, I can't imagine weaving 1/4" strips. I think they are gonna look great though. Will you be posting a photo of the finished atc's?

  7. Debbie from Essendon9:36 pm

    I came across your blog through SCQuilters. Really like the weaving idea. Especially like the lime and red piece.
    Don't know if anyone has addressed this, but to remember the difference between warp and weft is to remember the weft goes "weft to right across the fabric.


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