25 November 2007

Braidwood quilt event

Yesterday I drove a 550 kilometre round trip to see the annual quilt event in Braidwood. This photo of the Royal Mail Hotel is typical of the way all the buildings in the town are decorated with quilts.

I love the way the complete town gets involved.

One of the highlights was the collection of 2006 Journal Quilts made by members of the Australia/New Zealand Art Quilters online group. Alas, I wasn't organised enough to make any last year, but I plan to do so in 2008. Each participant had five quilts displayed, and they were arranged in small batches. I liked this method of display - it wasn't overwhelming, as it often can be to see a wall of small quilts. Unfortunately. I couldn't get back far enough to include complete columns of quilts in my photos, but these will give a taste of what some members achieved. I'm sorry, but I didn't write down the names of the quilters.

The Braidwood quilt event is held the last weekend of November and is a terrific way to indulge yourself. Did I mention that there is an outdoor market with lots of goodies for sale? I bought fabric pieces (of course) and some homemade jams there. No trip to Braidwood is complete without a visit to the bakery, either!


  1. hey those are mine! :) last photo line of the quilts on the far left (the seahorse ones!)

  2. I was just about to tell you that the seahorse ones belong to Felicity [ Lisette ] but she beat me to it.
    and AMEN to the demise of the Howard govt.


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