20 November 2007


Surely I can't be the only person in Australia who is well and truly OVER the upcoming Federal election? The electioneering has been going on for months and the way the mainstream media breathlessly cover every minute detail makes me want to say: get a life.

I guess it's particularly irritating for me this week because I voted last Saturday by lodging a pre-poll vote. Since I plan to enjoy myself in Braidwood on Saturday at the outdoor Airing of the Quilts, I wanted voting out of the way.

The Outdoor Airing of the Quilts is a wonderful event. Braidwood is the first entire town to be listed on the state's Heritage Register. The architecture is much-admired and the quilts look amazing when they are draped over the 19th century buildings. I look forward to taking many photos to share.

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  1. oh hell no, you're not the only one! So *very* over it.

    Looking forward to the Braidwood photos.


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