10 November 2007

Great new books

Time to share these new(ish) books. I've been reading through them both over the past month so it's time to share.
The Painted Quilt has great credentials - it's written by Linda and Laura Kemshall. It brings together myriad techniques that can be used to add colour to quilts above and beyond the colour of the fabrics used. All the usual methods are included: paints, pens, pastels, dyes, image transfer etc. These were known to me, but what impressed was the glorious examples of how the authors have used the techniques in their work. The photographs are wonderful.

Fabric Art Workshop by Susan Stein takes a different approach. Each chapter presents a different technique and precise instructions about how to do it. There is a gallery of quilts at the back, but no details of the techniques used on the pieces.

The difference?
The Painted Quilt inspires with the design potential of various methods of colouring cloth, while Fabric Art Workshop is a handy book for reference but not overly inspirational. The Painted Quilt is sumptuous, while Fabric Art Workshop is handy for checking the specifics of using a technique.

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  1. So now I know which one is more likely to appeal to me - and lucky me - the local library has just ordered a copy [ should take a few months to actually arrive on the shelf ]
    Guess whose name is first in the queue... so I'll be able to try before I buy as it were.
    I was contemplating the other one but won't bother now.


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