12 November 2007

More inspiration

It must be the week for new books. Here's great one that landed on my desk at work today. Between 1999 and 2005, Jeanne Williamson made one small quilt a week. She started the process as a way to give herself permission to play with ideas and different materials but found that, as a side effect, it also stimulated her creativity and allowed her ideas to be realised in her other textile work.

In this book, Jeanne has divided materials into chapters - plastic, paper, surface design and fibre. Using her own small quilts as examples, she shows how she used these materials and encourages us all to try them too.

It's quite a hefty book - 159 pages - and I am enjoying seeing how she uses found materials to express her thoughts. Stimulating! Check out Jeanne's website here.


  1. This will be waiting for me at my mother-in-law's place in America next month. Patience, patience, patience...

  2. Weird - I added thsi to my Chrsimas lits juts 2 dasya go then today read it on your blog and also on Diane perrin Hucks Blog. And Brenda is getting it - I epxect to see lot sof onion mesh and the like entering our twelve x12 challenge quilts!


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