04 November 2007

Silver linings

Here's another of my 2004 journal quilts. Having lived in Sydney all my life, I always remember August as being cold and windy with beautiful blue skies, with huge black rain clouds blowing in. This quilt was made in August and represents my memories of that month.

For this quilt, I printed all the words for 'wind' that I could find onto blue mottled fabric to represent the sky. The clouds are made from fabric I created with yarn, pieces of felt and lots of shiny silver pieces such as sequins and chocolate wrappers. The clouds are dark, but have silver linings.

Since I made this piece, some people have told me that the clouds look like islands floating in a sea. Definitely not my intention, but perhaps if I'd quilted it differently (with lines of stitching that 'blow' across the quilt) my intent would have been clearer.

Satin stitch update:
I have been having difficulty creating an even satin stitch finish around the edges of my ATCs, so I sought advice. Today I made a textile work to give as a thank-you to someone next week and I think I finally got the satin stitching right. Whew! Can't show a photo until next weekend. I'm going to Adelaide and will be at the South Australian Quilters' Guild's Festival of Quilts on Thursday. If you see me wandering around, come and say hello!

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  1. And I like this one too!

    Great news about the satin stitch! Have a good time in Adelaide.


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