02 November 2007

Twelve by twelve

Have you seen this blog - Twelve by Twelve? To quote from the blog:

"We are quilt artists who are embarking on an art challenge together. The plan: periodically, we will each make a small quilted art piece -- 12 by 12 inches -- on a designated theme. We'll use this blog to post our process, progress, and results. We're from different places throughout the world and our artistic styles vary, but we share a love of art quilting and a desire to play, experiment, learn, and grow."

The results of the first challenge have just been posted on the blog and wow - they are fantastic. Brenda is one of the participants and I've been lucky enough to see private peeks of her quilt as it has progressed, so I've enjoyed being an observer of her creative process.

On the Twelve by Twelve blog, you can see not only the results of the challenges, but also comments by each participant and, of course, you can add your own comment. I'm entranced by how each person interprets the theme and I am already envious!


  1. I promise to share my chocolate too.

  2. Aren't they truly inspirational - I wanted to go out and try my hand at a making a dandelion! The girls should be very proud of their wonderful talents I am green with envy.
    Can't wait for the chocolate.

  3. thanks for the link - it will be interesting watching what they do for the rest of the year, won't it??
    I refuse to even TRY to pick a favourite at the moment [ though of course Brenda's being shibori has to be a contender ]

  4. thanks for the plug!


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