12 December 2007

The big screen

Some movies are meant to be seen on the big screen. Elizabeth: the golden age is one of these - the glory of the patterns in the architecture, the scenery and the DIVINE costumes make this a fantastic visual feast.

I regularly go to the movies with my friend, Angela. We sometimes see movies that intrigue us (Snow Cake); movies that menace us (Michael Clayton); movies that make us cry (Brokeback Mountain) and movies that overwhelm our senses (The Phantom of the Opera). But I confess, dear reader, that last night it was the smouldering Clive Owen who was the attraction. Aaahhhh.

Honestly, this movie may be a little loose with the facts of history, but if you let all that go and ignore the schmaltz, it is a wonderful treat for the senses. There is even a wonderful sea-battle scene (it was meant to be the Spanish Armada being defeated by the English) - I do so love a good explosion, especially when it is the result of cannon-fire.

And did I mention Clive Owen?

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