28 December 2007

Cricket and sewing

There's something wonderful about the soothing sound of Test cricket droning on in the background while I sew. India is playing Australia in Melbourne this week and I have spent the first two days in front of the tv, hand piecing my Japanese quilt. Today, for variety, I spent the day at Jan's place, where we both spent the day in front of the tv, sewing, talking and drinking cups of tea and coffee. It was the most wonderful day. Thanks, Jan!

To answer Lisa: yes, I now have a Sydney swans garden gnome residing at my place. He is comfortably placed next to one of my indoor plants, since I wouldn't be able to see him as frequently if he was outside in the garden. To Helen: he is lining up the football to kick for goal - that's why the football is where it is!


  1. Great to hear that he has found a nice home.

  2. I want one toooooooooo where do I get one?????

  3. Ah well in that case his feet are in the wrong position... he needs a lesson from the great Jonny Wilkinson ( even if that is a different sport!)


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