22 December 2007


Today is the first day of holidays - at last! I visited one of Sydney's Italian restaurant areas - Leichhardt - for lunch with a couple of family members and we indulged ourselves with wonderful food. Even though it was oppressively humid, we managed to consume an extremely tasty meal.

I discovered an extraordinary shop - The Merchant of Venice. This is a tiny shop in the Italian Forum walkway, which sells unique imported papier-mach
é masks. They have to be seen to be believed. Many are gilded in gold or silver; have feathers or ornate beading; and are simply sumptuous.The shop also sells a unique range of Venetian jewellery , which was quite tempting (but I resisted). I was reminded of the scene in The Phantom of the Opera - do you remember the masquerade ball and the costumes and masks that all the guests wore? If you are ever in Leichhardt, do visit this shop. It is so amazing.

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