03 December 2007


Being a gardener encourages patience and planning. Even when you don't feel like either, the rhythm of the seasons takes over and you soon learn that all things come in good time. You may recognise this photo from earlier in the year. It was taken just after I had laid out the edging for a new garden bed, one that I planned for vegetables. It looks pretty sad, doesn't it?

I dumped a whole compost bin's worth of compost on it; dug in bags of blood and bone and cow manure and then planted. Aided by the wonderful rain we have had over the past month, everything flourished.
The tallest plants are tomatoes - two different cherry tomato varieties. They are as tall as I am and laden with flowers. The other bush on the left is also a tomato; this time a Roma. You can see some of the fruit at the bottom. In between, I have climbing beans, four types of capsicums, three eggplant bushes, a rosemary, two clumps of chives and three basil plants. Not bad for a small bed!


  1. Very impressive - but how many strawberries this year??

  2. Stephanie10:27 pm

    Erica you have worked wonders. Am still coming to grips with so much sand here in Perth!


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