02 December 2007


Queen Helen has announced the formation of a new country - Quiltland - in response to a group called Stashbusters. You can read the court's judgement in the case of Stashbusters v Helen Conway here. Liberating quilters everywhere, Queen Helen has declared:

"Today the nation of Quiltland declared its independence. An archipelago of several million islands, ranging from tiny outcrops of sewing to spacious art studios, this brand new land is already struggling to survive. Surrounded by hostile nations who claim that Quiltland is occupying land promised to them by the founding fathers of Woodwork and Mechanics, this tiny country is bravely establishing its legitimacy in the international community."

Quilters unite! Pledge your allegiance to this new land now.

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  1. In recoginition of your kind post I hereby confer on your blog a Royal Warrant,


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