09 December 2007

Saturday with Scquilters

Yesterday was the Sydney Scquilters Christmas party. Well, it was really just one of our regular monthly gtgs that happened to have a Christmas theme. It was a wonderful day of fun - you can read all about it on the Sydney Scquilters blog, which is maintained by Pennie. There is even a tastefully soft-focus photo of me with my recycled present (the less said about the present the better).

On the way to the Blue Gum hotel (if you are ever in Sydney on the first Saturday of the month, you are invited to join us at the Blue Gum, Waitara - we have a private room!), I stopped off at Craft Depot and ended up buying a couple of metres of this gorgeous Valori Wells print. Now I have to add 'Make a blue and green quilt' to my Things to Make List.

Now it's Sunday and a heavy thunderstorm has just finished pelting down. We've had thunderstorms most days this week and, compared to the others, this one was tame. It did have hail, though! The legacy of the storm is oppressive humidity. Welcome to a Sydney summer.

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  1. How right you are - it was a tame storm as far as rain goes - but that hail!!!
    We are still cleaning up and so much damage to our house and every house in our street from the monsterous hail.


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