30 December 2007

Summer reading

Holidays provide the opportunity to indulge myself with more reading. Besides, it's too hot to do anything else!

This novel's been around since 2003, but I seem to sometimes miss new books in my favourite series. The main character in this series is Dido Hoare, an antiquarian bookseller who lives in London. She has a toddler and a father and, of course, is too inquisitive for her own good. Like most of my favourite characters in novels, Dido has a knack for solving mysteries involving dead bodies. Highly recommended - there have been two more books in this series since this one, so I'll be tracking them down soon.

Val McDermid writes terrific stories. She has written multiple series - this is the latest in the Tony Hill series. Earlier works were adapted for TV and resulted in Wire in the Blood, but I never found the TV series very appealing. Absorbing characters through words and carrying your own images of them in your head is infinitely more satisfying. I finished this one today and enjoyed it immensely.
This is the next book I will start. It was enthusiastically recommended to me by Sarah, so I expect it to be a good read. I love the way readers want to share their favourite stories with others, don't you?

What are your fiction recommendations? I plan heaps of reading time this year, so please leave a comment with your suggestions so I can get started!


  1. Anonymous7:29 pm

    I bought Water for Elephants as an audible book at the recommendation of Nic Bridges and just loved it. They used an old man's voice for the present and a young man's voice for the past. I couldn't stop listening until it was finished!

  2. I have just ordered two books from Amazon - 1000 days in Venice and 1000 Days in Tuscany by Marlena De Blasi. I heard her interviewed yesterday and her books sound delicious and fascinating.

  3. I saw this water for elephants book a while ago and never did buy it and had forgotton about it - please remember to post what you think of it.

  4. How did you go with Water for Elephants?? Let me know if you liked it. The next one to recommend is my step-mother's book, Arthur Boyd, A Life. (by Darleen Bungey). I just finished and it's fantastic - a long journey though, so you want to be interested in Australian artists before you embark. Hope you're enjoying your holidays..... x


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