06 December 2007

The Things to Make List

Here's the beginning of my Things to Make List (Does not include Things to Do - this is a totally different list!).

Let's start with the things to which I have committed.
* Kambra challenge (due ?? theme ?? I forget - must check)
* Art brooch for Rhonda (recklessly promised last time I was on holiday)
* Cecile's art quilt challenge - due 8 February
* Art Quilt Workbook lessons (after many months, I have reached the end of chapter 1)
* Aus/NZ art quilters journal quilts (one a month in 2008)
* Rock-inspired quilt (ha! you thought I'd forgotten, didn't you Susan?)

Things I want to make but haven't told anyone yet (until now).
* Scquilters Cheer me Up ATC swap - at least 4 cards due 16 April. (Better sign up for it first).
* Baby quilt for a friend
* Applique quilt with linen
* Pink and yellow quilt
* Locker hooked rug (Lessa got me interested in this when I was in Adelaide - she even let me practise on her sample)
* Framed textile pieces
* More ATCs for swapping
* Seven Sisters quilt (I have the templates. Maybe this should be on the other part of the list - I think there are at least three people who know about this).
* Another blue quilt
* Japanese floral print quilt

When exactly do I imagine I will do these things?


  1. Stephanie10:30 pm

    top of my list for 2008 is to quilt the 6, yes 6 quilts I have pinned up.
    Also challenges and quilt shows NSW and WA

  2. no I didn't think you'd forgotten but I figured life had just gotten in the way and we never did put a time limit on it.

  3. That's a scary list, Erica! I know you'll work through it, but do enjoy the journey as well as those wonderful destinations...

  4. When? In your spare time, of course!

    A friend of mine said recently, when I was bemoaning lack of time, that it's all about what you choose to do with your time. You're telling me she didn't mean it?

    Good luck with your list - it looks full of interesting and fun things!


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