13 January 2008

Another new toy

I've been a little distracted this weekend because I have a new toy - a Cyclone Multi action tree pruner. You know that I love pruning in my garden; well now I have a lust-worthy piece of equipment that will allow me to prune and lop trees up to 2.4 metres away! The lovely long extension handle is very handy indeed.

The pruner was a Christmas gift, but it's been way too hot since then to get involved in heavy garden work. Today's no better - it's over 30 degrees here with humidity of 65% (since when is Sydney in the tropics?), but I really badly needed to try this out. The lopping blade worked so easily - three branches came down in minutes. My crepe mrytle tree had been damaged by a stupid possum that didn't realise the immature branches wouldn't hold its weight. The highest stem had been snapped, so I easily trimmed it. This is quite sad because I had been determined to let the tree develop its own natural shape, without pruning. Ah well.

Now I've escaped inside to the air conditioning and will leave adventures with the pruning saw part of the equipment to another day...


  1. st stay away from your tomatoes with that toy

  2. It's a boy toy!!! You'd like my Dad's steam cleaner too...


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