21 January 2008

A chocolate mint and a mobile phone : a cautionary tale

I spent the weekend in Braidwood, playing with fun arty things with Fiona, Kate and Wilma. Photos will come once I sort out if any of them are okay. In addition to playing, we ate lots. Dojo Bread is to die for (in the rear lane of 91 Wallace Street). We tried their foccacia (excellent), sourdough (perfect) and beer bread (best of all). The bakery is only open Tuesdays and Thursdays until 1pm and Fridays and Saturdays until 2pm and, as the brochure says:
" Friends of Dojo Bread understand that fresh, homemade loaves take time and so we do not have every type of bread available all the time. Come and talk to the baker if you would like to know what is coming out of the oven and what bread will be made that day or week."

When I left on Sunday, I was sent home with a small part of the sourdough loaf and a couple of classic Red Tulip after dinner mints (we hadn't managed to eat all of them at lunch - obviously not trying hard enough). These are flat, square chocolates, filled with very runny peppermint. I tucked them safely in my handbag.

Halfway through the three-hour drive home, I stuck my hand in my bag to find a case for my sunglasses and, instead, found that the chocolate had melted and oozed, along with the peppermint, all over one side of my phone - around the charger socket. Tissues only stuck to the sticky mess.

Since I was driving at 110km and now had sticky stuff on my hand, I decided that the problem could not be resolved there and then. A thorough cleaning with a disinfectant wipe at home cleared up the mess but, sadly, I missed out eating the chocolate. I plugged in the charger and, since the phone didn't blow up, I know that I did a thorough cleansing job.

The moral of the tale : don't save chocolate for later! Eat it straight away!


  1. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Amen, sister.Words to live by.

  2. On one of our very first date smy husband took me to a very expensive restaurant thinking to be romantic snuck after dinner chocolate into my best coat pocket for me to find later. Only I didn't know and put the coat over a radiator....


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