26 January 2008

Happy Australia Day

Sometimes it's an action by someone else that spurs me. During this week I found out that the local Council would have a pick-up of unwanted goods tomorrow. Perfect, I thought, this is the right timing for me to get rid of the bed in my sewing room. It's not as if anyone often slept there and I do have a sofa bed anyway. The bed has been used mainly as a surface on which to dump fabric, unfinished quilts and the ironing basket.

The challenge was to get the double bed mattress and base onto the grass strip near the footpath. Did I mention that I live in a two storey house and the bed is upstairs? To cut a long story short, I fought with the mattress out of the room, down the stairs, out the front door and onto the grass. Then I did it all over again with the bed base. All by myself. Whew!

Now I have one complete room for my studio. Yes, what used to be a sewing room is now a studio. I will expand the design wall now that the bed's not in the way and reorganise the layout so it works better. Progress is coming in small steps.

Happy Australia Day to everyone! I missed the hot air balloons at dawn this morning (sleeping, mmm) but I teared up when I heard our national anthem before the cricket started in Adelaide this morning. Always does it for me.

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