01 January 2008


I am always relieved when January arrives. The weight of artificial expectations about Christmas and new year have been lifted and a sense of opportunity arrives.

For me, January is about renewal. It is my birth month and this always affords me the chance to celebrate the year ahead, not the year I've left behind. This is the year of better balancing - challenges I'll be accepting to make my life the way I want it and not being ground down by other people's decisions.

January also means the salvia are in flower. This is an intertwined clump, featuring two beautiful types. I do love salvia so much - they are hardy and, although they don't need much water, they thrive when they are looked after. A bit like us, really.


  1. I too am a salvia fan and have a number of varieties, but not that pretty pimk one. Has it a name, Erica?


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