27 January 2008

One upmanship

Yesterday, I decided to prune an overhanging branch from the tree next door. I was happily lopping away with my you-beaut extendable pruner, when a neighbour saw what I was doing. 'Let me help with that,' he said, going into his garage. He emerged with a chain saw and proceeded to cut back the tree from both sides of the fence with such enthusiasm. I am sure he was just waiting for an opportunity to use the chain saw - I was jealous!


  1. well I do love my chainsaw but it's useless for getting to the top of the Banksia rose [ no way am I balancing on top of a ladder with a chainsaw ]
    so I could do with a you beaut wizz bang extendable pruner. Definitely.

  2. Now this is how things get out of hand.. First you prune, then he chainsaws, then you get a JCB digger, then he gets explosives....!


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