04 January 2008

River stones

This inadequate photograph shows my latest batch of ATCs. Made with strips of organza overlaid with gold metallic netting and hand stitched with blue perle thread, this is my River Stones series.

Susan, one of these will be in the mail to you because these are made in response to our rock challenge. Trust me, they look better in real life than they do here! Shiny fabric and metallics sure are tricky to photograph. You can see the rock photos that inspired me here.


  1. My first thought when I looked at them was snake skins - very cool

  2. oooh, I own the one on the bottom right. I think I got the better end of the deal. :)

  3. WOW I get one all for myself ??
    colour me spoiled!!:]

  4. Erica, I love these atc's. I agree with Lisa - they DO look like snakeskin!


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