07 January 2008

Storage issues

I have been having a storage crisis in the sewing room - there is no room left on my bookshelves for the books I have. Partially this is because I have acquired so many books and magazines, but mostly it is because I store other things on my bookshelves.

Things such as beads, glues, rubber stamps, stationery, things torn out of newspapers and magazines plus other stuff that doesn't have a home have all ended up on the bookshelves and was driving me crazy.

The first step was to cull my quilting books. This, of course, involved reading them all to see which ones to keep. After all, I must have chosen them for a good reason. As you can imagine, this took quite a lot of time. Last Saturday, I gave away a pile of these books to scquilter friends.

The next step was to move all the non-book and magazine material off the bookshelves. But where to store it? Yesterday a catalogue from The Reject Shop arrived in my letterbox and there it was - this five-drawer unit. Standing 106cm tall and costing $38, it is perfect. The fact that it has blue frames is a bonus, so this morning I bought one.

It took five minutes to assemble and now I have the pleasure of rearranging a lot of my crafty stuff into the drawers. Aah...

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  1. I empathise with you with the storage issues. I discovered those drawer type units while living in the USA. Luckily they came home with us and just this week have been put to work in our small apartment in Brisbane where every micron of storage space counts!
    Isn't it a wonderful feeling to get things put away! Carmel


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