19 February 2008

Across the harbour to Manly

to see 'The New Quilt', an exhibition of contemporary quilts. Held every two years, the juried exhibition is held at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum and organised in conjunction with The Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc.

There were some stunning pieces of work that were displayed well in a gallery situation. I particularly admired Dianne Firth's Cell Structure #7, Alison Muir's Think Pink, Beth and Trevor Reid's Elements, Alison Schwabe's Timetracks 4, Carolyn Sullivan's Signature XII and Rosie White's Invisible Landscapes: Domesticity.

'The New Quilt' catalogue is still a disappointment. Instead of a full page photograph of every quilt, as is done admirably by the West Australian Quilters' Association with their contemporary quilt exhibition, 'Stitched and Bound' every two years, 'The New Quilt' catalogue shows only a tiny detail shot of each quilt, with larger detail pictures of three quilts. None of the photos provide a real sense of the actual exhibit and certainly aren't sufficient for later reference.

One of the great pleasures of living in Sydney is the ferry trip across the harbour to Manly and back. Although it was an overcast day the ferry was full, mostly with tourists. To see our great city through their eyes is a reminder of how lucky we are.


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