10 February 2008

Australian Autumn

Actually it's still summer, but Australian Autumn was the theme for the Unique Stitching art quilt challenge. My quilt is 12 inches square and made with woven strips of chiffon in three shades, as well as strips of other fabrics. One of the requirements of the challenge was that the golden Angelina fibre had to be used. I fused it into a strip with some yarns. My quilt is stamped and hand stitched.

I used chiffon to evoke misty autumn mornings in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and encapsulated five fabric fallen leaves. The quilt is not actually as dirty-looking as the photo!


  1. looks fabulous - I couldn't get my head around the challenge at all -both the theme and the golden angelina left me stone cold so I just figure my $5 was a donation to cancer research and left it at that. To be honest if I'd known the theme ahead of time I wouldn't have bothered sending off the entry form.

  2. hey it looks great, how does it feel to be a lady of leasure for a while?
    What happened to our boys tonight?

  3. Anonymous6:39 am

    on your mark, get set, RELAX. It must be a weird morning. Thinking of you and wishing you the best. Is one of your first things to do to come see us? k

  4. I like that quilt ;-)
    I made one too ... but I had the opposite problem to catsmum - I had too many ideas and not enough time to make them! ... if I had not been so busy for the last couple of weeks, I was going to make a second quilt and see if I could donate another $5 and put in a second entry! ... the one I made was actually something fairly quick that I just sort of threw together because I was not sure if I would have time to do anything more complicated - but often that is the best way to work ... well it is for me - some of my favourite quilts/etc have been things I have just kind of thrown together without any detailed plans of what they were meant to end up like!


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