20 February 2008

February journal quilt (2)

My February journal quilt is a response to 13 February 2008, when the Prime Minister of Australia said sorry to the Stolen Generation. This is a very complex issue that had a great effect on many people and involves many layers of emotion and many interwoven stories.

For this reason, my quilt, Sorry, is made with multiple layers of fabric.
I chose the colours of the Aboriginal flag - yellow, red and black. The base cloth is hand-dyed yellow and red fabric. The next layer is painted fusible webbing, fused to the background and covered with a layer of chiffon. The final layer is a pattern made by rubbing gold paintstiks over a wooden block. The binding is black homespun that I stamped with blotches of gold paint. It is hand stitched to create more texture.
I stamped the word 'sorry' with black ink . If you look closely at the top and bottom, you will see black shapes representing women - the mothers who had their children taken from them. For these shapes, I was inspired by Brenda's experiments with paper cut-outs of people.


  1. It might be your photo, but it almost looks like this is made of strands of glossy, multitoned yarn line up in rows. I like how the sorry droops. Gets at the emotion.

  2. Wow, doesn't it look good finished! Fantastic.

  3. Congratulations - this is really stunning - I would love to see it in the flesh - it looks luminous and I love the symbolism you have included. Great to read about the techniques too as you can't be sure from a photo/scan. Have you heard about the Aboriginal & Islander Birthright Quilt project - http://www.birthquilt.com/mainpage.html - it looks really special!


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