12 February 2008

Fun with selvedges

Today I tried something I have wanted to for ages. I cut a mass of selvedges - you know, the pretty parts with writing and little coloured spots - and stitched then to a piece of foundation fabric (I used quilters' muslin). They are easy to overlap - place the woven edge over the cut edge of the previous strip and stitch a line through all layers. This is the square after I stitched a variety of strips down.
Then I cut the square into four smaller squares. I placed a selvedge square with a plain fabric square, right sides together, and sewed around three edges. Turn them inside out, stuff with offcuts of batting and stitch the seam closed. Here they are - pretty little selvedge pin cushions. Aren't they fun?

Karen Griska has other ideas for selvedges on her website and good basic instructions for sewing them to foundations. She is publishing a book about this very topic later this year.


  1. They look great, Erica!
    I have been saving my selvedges ever since Lissa did her ATC with them. I didn't want to copy her idea, as they're her ATCs, but this has opened my mind to more possibilities.

  2. There's no stopping you now is there Erica, you are very quickly off the starting blocks of your little break at home! Love the Pin Cushions!
    Word Verification - lpwkszv
    Longlegged People Will Keep Stealing Zany Violins!

  3. Hi Erica - I came to your blog to look at your quilt (just delicious - love the woven sheers) but I wanted to let you know I love your selvedge pin cushions - so cute!!

  4. Aren't they gorgeous! So clever.

  5. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Clever and fun- thanks for the link! Oh dear - now I will never thow out selvesges again - more clutter - I'll just have to be disciplined and USE them, won't I!

  6. I see Pennie has been here! I think I've started something with the word verification.
    She's left them everywhere since I started the game/comp on my blog.
    Would you like to have a go, Erica?

  7. What little beauties. Opens up all sorts of possibilities. Thanks for the inspiration, Erica.

  8. Anonymous11:01 pm

    WOW they look great.
    Selvedges also make great cords. Now that is another idea for you to try now you have more time.

  9. You are certainly taking to your new life with creative zeal - well done.

  10. These are so cute! I've never thought of keeping the selvedges to use. Might just have to start a new collection LOL.


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