02 February 2008

Happy Saturday

Being the first Saturday of the month, we gathered at the pub for quilting. There was torrential rain, high humidity and plenty of flies buzzing around, but we still managed to talk, talk, talk, share show and tell and have a good lunch. I even had a completed quilt to show (can't show it here yet - it's for a challenge).

My life is about to change direction because I am leaving my job next Friday. After working for four years in my current role, it's time to move on. I plan to enjoy a few months pottering around before I even think about a new job - enjoy a sabbatical, if you will. Bliss - all the fun things I can do!

A happy textile postcard I made for a friend a while back. With its cheerful colours, it always makes me smile!


  1. Only five work days to go! Best wishes for your new creative adventures.

  2. Stephanie12:59 am

    Maybe treat yourself to a visit to Perth and see what we get up to over here

  3. Anonymous8:51 am

    if you don't say it out loud it isn't true. enjoy every minute. k

  4. Anonymous6:13 pm

    OH MY GOSH! Erica, we will surely miss you at DUQ, and all the very best for whatever you decide to do next. You GO, girl!

  5. Enjoy your new 'life'! We will be looking forward to seeing all those quilts & journals you will now have time to make ....lol

  6. You're changing jobs? How exciting All the best for your time off.


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