18 February 2008


No pics today. I have finished stitching my February journal quilt, thanks to spending a sewing day with Nola. Just hand sewing, lunch and catching up - perfect for a quiet day.

Arrived home to hear confirmation of a season-ending anterior cruciate ligament injury to one of the Swans' key defenders. Oh no, not the ACL! So many AFL players tear their ACLs that I can diagnose the injury just by watching the way they fall over.

Ironic really, considering the season hasn't actually started yet.
Nick Malceski was injured in yesterday's first game of the pre season competition, which, naturally, the Swans lost. We always lose round one of the pre season - it's a bit of a club tradition that allows us to go see a practice match next weekend in Sydney. Yay to practice matches - let the teams that won in round one continue to play in the pre season comp. The rest of us will go to our local grounds (in our case that's the Olympic Stadium - not bad for a local) and get up close and personal with our fave players. Roll on Saturday.


  1. If they'd played their best team it mightn't have happened????
    Thought you might have come down to paradise to watch? :-)

  2. Soccer players here tend to 'do' their cruciate ligaments too but the whole country was educated on the human skeleton when the national went nuts over the fact that David Beckham and several others broke their metatarsal. is that an international problem too?


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