21 February 2008

Once upon a time

I started painting the wall tiles and cupboards in my kitchen. To be exact, it was Easter 2006. Somehow, all the activities that make up my life got in the way, and I never finished the painting. After a while, I stopped noticing that one side of the kitchen was painted and the other half wasn't.

Today I took up the paintbrush and applied the undercoat on the tiles and benchtop. Once they have two coats of tile/laminate paint, they will shine with new life, and then I'll move on to the cupboards. Why am I covering them all? Here's the evidence. Don't you just love those door handles? (New ones have been patiently waiting in a bag for years.)


  1. When you finish, come to my place and finish my cupboard doors. They were started when I put new vinyl down on the floor ... let's see, that would have been nearly 5 years ago! I can't remember where I put the new handles...Now that would be a good project for this Easter!
    I seem to remember the built in wardrobe taking 10 years to be finally finished.

  2. Does this mean I get to be all self righteous because it only took me 11 months to finish painting the en-suite?

  3. And do we get to see an "after" picture too? I hope so! Isn't it funny how we stop noticing this stuff after a while?


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