14 February 2008


As part of my ongoing resorting of the sewing studio, I discovered I had kept way too many past bank statements and bills. Why did I have statements from 1989? I can only assume it was because I had the space, not because I actually needed them.

Oh, the joy of repetition! Yesterday afternoon, I spent a couple of pleasant hours with my shredding machine. Did you know that shredded bank statements make wonderful compost? Or that feeding hundreds of pages of paper through a shredding machine encourages meditation?

All the shredded papers were added to my compost bin and combined with the other contents. In a while, I'll take the resulting compost and add it to the garden to feed the soil that will grow more vegetables.

The cycle will become complete. That feels satisfying somehow.

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  1. How about weaving all those strips into a multi-media quilt?!(Oh I am so full of good ideas ....for other people to execute!)


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