31 March 2008

Bare bones and symmetry

I'm not normally drawn to symmetrical shapes. I like wonky and distorted shapes because they are unpredictable and make my eye move around a piece of work.

However, symmetrical designs are often soothing to me. One of my new projects will feature a tree and I sketched the bare bones of it today. Tomorrow I'll look at it again.

The picture on the left is a scanned freehand sketch where each shape is different. The picture on the right is smaller and has one half of the sketch mirrored (and, to my eye, slightly distorted).

In the interests of gathering outside opinions, I welcome comments about which one appeals most to YOUR eye and why. If both sketches look the same to you, I'd be interested to know that too!


  1. I think I like the symmetrical one best, but I suppose it depends on how they'll be used!

  2. I like them both but the symmetrical one doesn't actually look symmetrical to me. They do look different though!

  3. They are different, but I agree with Nola that the symmetrical one isn't perfectly symmetrical.
    I like them both. The LH tree has more movement and energy than the symm. RH tree, but the RH is more peaceful. Yesterday, I was busy and "up" so the LH one was my preferred. Now, I am back from a SCQ GTG and am ready to relax and unwind, so I prefer the RH one!

  4. Erica, I'd always prefer the symmetrical one (but then I am a little anal!) But I, too, agree with Nola - it's not exactly symmetrical. Sorry...

  5. No point asking me - aysymetry brings me out in a cold sweat - there is an aysymetrical bridge near me and when ever I pass it I ened up ranting about how annoying it is... I need therapy!

  6. I prefer the left hand one probably it because it isn't symmetrical but I would also prefer them not as skinny

  7. well they both look the same to me! and i like them both :)


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