19 March 2008

Big day out

Well, where do I start? Yesterday Brenda and I ventured out again.

Early yesterday morning, a bus fell on the railway tracks at Epping, messing up Brenda's plans to travel to Sydney by train (plan A). I received a phone call: I'm driving down to your place, will be a bit later than planned (plan B). Some time later, another phone call: I'm nearly there but my car's overheated and I can't drive it, can you come and get me? (plan C).

Eventually, we made it to Canley Vale (plan A), where we splurged on threads at Win On Trading. We'd been tipped off about this unpretentious shop by Lisa. This is a small selection of the threads I bought, nestled in their "sushi box". Did I mention that each 1,000 metre spool costs $1.20?

Since we were so close, we decided to next visit Cabramatta to fossick through the Vietnamese fabric shops (plan D). These shops are amazing. They are crammed with rolls of the most extraordinary fabrics - no 100% cotton fabrics there! I was hunting mesh for ATCs and finally found these beauties.

We ate lunch at a Vietnamese noodle shop and then drove to Liverpool Museum to see the Odyssey Quilt Project (plan A). The three quilts in this project tell the stories of 11 women of Dutch origin. Each panel narrates their vivid emotional and physical journeys from the Netherlands via the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) to Australia. The exhibition is on until 24 May. The coordinator of the project was there, and she told us some of the stories behind the quilt panels (plan D).

We travelled back to my place to collect bottles of water to fill the radiator in Brenda's car (plan E) and then drove to her car (plan E). We decided to visit the QuiltLove shop at North Rocks and drove in a convoy of two (plan F), stopping along the way when Brenda's car overheated again (plan G). Brenda phoned several car repair places to find one that could repair her car and finally arranged for it to be fixed today at Artarmon (plan H). We continued in my car to QuiltLove (plan I). In the meantime, Brenda planned to stay the night at my place (plan J) and then decided it would be better to drive in short trips to Artarmon outside peak hour traffic and stay with a friend closer to the repair place instead (plan K).

I dropped her back at her car and went home. Brenda made it to North Sydney (plan K),and I know it involved a tow truck, but she can tell you that part of the story herself.

I'm staying home today. This week has had too much excitement already!


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