23 March 2008

Finished top

I've finished the top of this quilt today. Since it's too big for me to competently photograph, I'm showing you the EQ6 design instead. I've learnt new EQ skills designing this pattern and have appreciated making the complete top from my stash. I suspect I will probably be able to finish the quilt from my stash, too.

Since I don't enjoy struggling with large quilts on my machine, I will probably hand quilt it with brightly-coloured perle threads. That means it won't be finished for ages!

Sadly, we lost a close game last night against St Kilda, probably because I wasn't in the crowd in Melbourne to support the Swans. Next week our game is in Sydney, so my efforts will be heard!

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  1. Looks great, Erica. I like what you ended up doing. How about a photo of a portion of it, so we can see the colours in "reality"?


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