24 March 2008

Getting it right

I have been organising my sewing studio for some time now, trying to arrange the best workflow. My ironing board and cutting table are at the opposite end of the room to my sewing table so that I have to get up from my chair and move regularly. I am very happy with the height of my cutting table because it is comfortable for me to stand there when rotary cutting.

However, after the hours of machine sewing I have done in the past week (more than I have done in the past year), I knew there was a problem with my sewing table setup. My back was aching.

My sewing machine sits on top of a table - it does not sit flush with the table - so since I couldn't take my chair up any higher, I lowered the table. The legs on my table are adjustable, so after cleaning and removing the tabletop, I adjusted the height so that my sewing machine is at an ergonomically sound height. I no longer have to reach up to the bed of the machine.

Today I made another quilt top; this time with simple strips. And without back pain!

Lindi: you can see some of the fabrics I used in my batik quilt here.

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  1. Of course! I've already seen them! DUH!
    (Must be the chocolate addling my brain) LOL


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