12 March 2008

I could really get used to

days like today. I drove to Gladesville to drop in a birthday gift to Kathy (whose 50th birthday celebrations have been going for two-and-a-half weeks now!) and stayed for a really good catch-up. Kathy's one of the owners of Material Obsession, a fabulous patchwork shop, so of course I had to have a prowl around the bolts of fabric on the shelf. I had a special preview of Kathy and Sarah's new book, which is on sale in May. Delicious!

Then I zapped over to Eden Gardens to meet Angela for lunch. Eden Gardens is the most wonderful garden centre - they have a fabulous cafe, an art gallery, gift shop and book shop, as well as a really interesting nursery. After lunch we wandered through the plants and I purchased some mixed lettuces, ready to plant in the veggie patch tomorrow.

I dropped by the Macquarie Centre shopping complex on the way home (just to check out whether Borders had any new books I had to have - they didn't) and discovered a Kikki K shop that I swear wasn't there last time I visited.

Of course, when I saw these BLUE clips and pins, I had to have them. A set of 40 paper clips, 30 push pins and 10 mini pegs, stored in a screw-on three-set container, all for $2. How could I say no? I so love stationery.

So that's my day! How was yours?

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  1. I think you are having far too much fun


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