07 March 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged twice recently - by Di Jobbins and Pam Holland - so I guess that really means I someone wants to know seven things about me!

These are the rules...
1. When tagged, place the name of the person and URL on your blog.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write 7 things about yourself.
4. Name 7 of your favorite bloggers.
5. Send e-mail letting those bloggers know they have been tagged.

So, here we go!
1. Blue is my favourite colour. I guess, looking at this blog you would never have guessed that? Not all blues are created equal though - my absolute fave is beautiful cornflower blue. The only reason my current car isn't blue (earlier one was) is because the blue that was available at the time was a horrible metallic shade. Ugh!

2. Although I own a wonderful sewing machine and have used it most days this week, I prefer to hand stitch. There's something totally relaxing about the rhythm of sewing by hand that soothes me. It's a form of meditation for me.

3. I love my garden to be a bit wild. I hate gardens where the plants are regimented in rows and are forced to grow in straight lines. I love it where plants grow into each other so that the colours of the flowers make a show of their own.

4. I love pruning. No, this does not contradict the previous item! I have a devilishly sharp pruning saw and a set of telescopic pruners, which I am always keen to put to good use. I have been known to take them to other people's gardens, just so I can get a pruning fix.

5. My sewing studio is the best. It is such a luxury to have a whole room so I can arrange all the sewing paraphernalia
to suit my purpose. I am enjoying spending a lot of my time in the sewing studio at present.

6. I love people's stories. This is why I read so many fiction books - the stories allow me to experience a vast number of different lifestyles and to dream about the life I am creating for myself. The best part of my previous job was to meet other quilters and learn about their creative journeys. It was an absolute privilge
to then write their stories.

7. I am addicted to reading blogs. For the same reason as item 6 plus there are usually wonderful photos as well!

So now I tag:Judy in the Dyes - Judy is my 'neighbour' on the Artful Quilters Web Ring
Monica in Michigan - Monica moved from Australia at the beginning of last year and I miss her
Joan - Joan is in Western Australia and makes some really interesting textile pieces

Did I mention that I'm not good at following rules?

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