14 March 2008

Today's excursion

was to Avalon Beach, a return trip of over 100 kilometres. Goodness - that's further than I thought it would be! Avalon Beach is on a peninsula north of Sydney and is one of the suburbs in the area called the Northern Beaches. On a gloriously sunny day like today, the trip was invigorating.

Lois and I travelled there to see the Avalon Quilters' quilt show - a lovely, small show that had interesting quilts. Then we visited The Cottage Quiltworks at Bilgola and fossicked through their fabrics. I was very restrained.

We met and chatted to many friends along the way and finally found ourselves a relaxing spot at the Newport Arms for lunch and more talking. Aah, what a way to spend a day.

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  1. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Oh I am soooo jealous. I did that trip just before I left Sydney so know exactly where you went. Stephanie


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