19 April 2008

Cruising blogland

One of the great pleasures of blogland is discovering new and interesting blogs. Over at Sharon's blog, In a Minute Ago, she's taken it one step further by compiling an enormous list of blogs written by textile practitioners and designers. As you can imagine, it is an enormous list and she is currently up to those starting with the letter D. You can see the list here, where there are also links to the A, B and C lists. I was thrilled to have my blog included in the list!

Another blog I have just discovered is True Up. This blog is all about fabric and is written by Kim Kight, self-confessed fabric aficionado. It's early days yet, but may be worth keeping an eye on this blog.

Are there any blogs you'd like to recommend to me? I'm always looking for another excuse to go cruising!

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