17 April 2008

Erica versus the possum

Regular readers may recall that I am struggling to grow parsley in my garden because there is a sneaky possum that eats all the tasty leaves and leaves me with the stems. This creature also enjoys my lettuces and silverbeet leaves.

I'm sick of providing meals for this possum, so this afternoon I devised a possum-proof (I hope) planting. I transplanted the stumps of the lettuces into a large tub and I sprinkled coriander and silverbeet seeds around them (I thought I had parsley seeds, but apparently not!). Then I made a tepee shape with three garden stakes and covered it with netting. It's secured all round with no gaps to let possums get through.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that this works. If the net protects my crops, I may extend the idea to my veggie bed. I will win!

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  1. I have an easy foolproof way to keep possums away from the herb or veggie garden Erica... all you have to do is sprinkle chilli powder over the leaves and not be disturbed at 2am by the screech from the possum when he gets some chilli on him tongue! They will survive of course but they won't go near your veggies ever again I promise you, it worked for me and I did it about 12 months ago...wait till the weather is a bit drier of course.


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