27 April 2008

Highs and lows

The high: today I harvested my first mandarin from my tree. I have a bumper crop of 10 fruit this year - not bad for a young tree. The golden fruit look delicious, so let's hope they taste as good.

The weather is not as good today. There's a gusty wind from the north-west, which is drying, but it is bringing down many branches and flinging loose things around in the garden. Tomorrow there will be plenty to clear up.

The low: after two hours of game time, the Swans and North Melbourne game was a draw. Frustrating, exhausting and totally deflating. Perhaps next week, a win?


  1. Exciting wasn't it?
    Here's a blog for your list-


  2. Sarah6:40 pm

    Poor Swannies, they really should have won. I'm surprised that the wind didn't blow all the mandarins off your tree, except for the ones that got frozen on there today!!!

  3. Squeaksqueal4:30 pm

    We have two mandarin trees, they produce more than enough each year. Our avocado trees went from nil (pre-2006) to 10 (2007) to an amazing 70+ this year! I hope each crop is more plentiful and sweeter for you each year.


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