08 April 2008

Joyful moments

I've had lots of responses to yesterday's post about looking for the positive moments in each day. Today I'm taking it one step further - here's my image that celebrates these joyful moments. Feel free to take the 'Joyful Moments' image and add it to your own blog - tell all your friends! Let's focus on the positive moments in life. I'm sure we'll all be the richer for it.

Today's joyful moment is looking at these Funky Monkeys and smiling at their silly faces. They are on the quilt I'm making - the Barry's Tank pattern. I'll show you the quilt top once I get it all together, but, in case you can't wait, you can buy a kit with these fabrics
from Material Obsession now.

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  1. Thanks Erica, I'll post your logo on my blog!


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