29 April 2008

Mark Marking in Stitch

This week's excursion was to the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery to see the exhibition Mark Making in Stitch with Fiona. The exhibition showed stitch and fabric collage works made in response to a workshop by Ilze Aviks in 2007. There are some stunning textile pieces in the exhibition and we enjoyed the inspiration that hand stitching, some quite intensive, added to the cloth. The exhibition is on until 25 May.

Fairfield City Museum and Gallery has interesting textile exhibitions, the next of which is Eyeline, by the members of tACTile. Eyeline is on between 31 May - 27 July 2008. The Gallery is on the corner of The Horsley Drive and Oxford Street, Smithfield. I missed seeing these quilts last year so I will definitely visit them this time.

I never know what is going to linger in my mind and influence me. Today, for example, was a glorious autumn day. The sky was a clear, deep blue and the wind was chilly - perfect for walking. We were both exhilarated by the weather and that made the day even more memorable.

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment on my blog. It gives me a thrill to know that I'm not talking to myself! Please stop by to say hello any time you like.


  1. Hi erica you are never talking to yourself .I check in every day to see what you have been up to . You provide me with much inspiration and entertainment, fred

  2. Erica, I'm still waiting to hear how the mandarins taste. Too bad you aren't into applique, because your little tree would make a cute quilt.

    Here in Michigan we are having a beautiful spring. So many flowering trees and bulbs. The leaves are just out on the burgundy colored trees so the variety of color is near peak.


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