11 April 2008

My other blog

One of my new tasks this year included setting up and maintaining a blog for Quizzles® interactive quilt patterns, designed and distributed by Australian quilters Helen Stubbings and Tracey Browning. The blog is called The Daily Quizzler, and I am gradually adding content to it.

These patterns are quite nifty. You can buy some of them on CD or you can download others from the website. Once they are installed on your computer, you can have fun changing the colours of the patterns to suit yourself. You can have a free trial to see how it works by visiting the webpage.

I've enjoyed customising many of the patterns into different colour combinations (there are quite a few blue ones there - what a surprise!) - it's fun and quite easy. Once you decide on your colours and save them, all the fabric requirements and diagrams are changed to reflect your choices - you don't have to remind yourself that your choices are different to those printed in the pattern. Very cool.

This is from the Trellis Rose pattern - I called my version Aqua Rosa.

Pop over and have a look around The Daily Quizzler, where you can see some of my colour arrangements. While you're there, vote for your favourite quilt making technique in the question of the month. Let me know that you visited by leaving a comment too - just so I don't feel lonely!


  1. I visited here( I can't bear the thought of you being lonley!). I popped over for company whilst working on some legal advices from home and now I am nicely directed to quilting. Well, if a friend is in need and asks you to help.... what better excuse! I'l visit you there in a moment

  2. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Hi! Erica,

    You have have twigged my memory I have a CD that came in a magazine and I remember being very taken with the patterns always meant to make one up forgot. I am off for a look thanks for the link.



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