02 April 2008

Sometimes I think

I have too much time on my hands! Last week I bought a set of hairclips from a local el cheapo shop. I did actually want a couple of them to keep my hair out of my eyes, but the main reason I bought the set was because they are so pretty. (I'm easily distracted by shiny objects.)

I took a photo of them today so I could play with the colours in a quilt design, but then I thought I'd see how they looked with a filter. I've entertained myself for a while this afternoon, trying the filters in my photo software. This is my favourite image, using the polar inversion filter. How gorgeous are they now!

Thanks for the comments on the tree shape in my last post. This idea is still incubating so it may be a while before I can show you any progress on the design.

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  1. I love that photo! and the colours! WOW Isn't it fun playing on the computer and changing photos?
    Re the tree: today I really love the LH one. I feel the RH symm one is a little boring!
    Am I changeable or what?


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