26 April 2008

Today's pleasures

All today's pleasures are a result of the glorious autumn day. After 13 consecutive days of rain, today has been sunny and we have seen a sky full of blue. It's simply brilliant.

There's nothing like a line full of washing, drying in the wind. All my windows and doors are open and a gentle breeze is airing the house of all those musty scents.

I spent most of the day in the garden, repotting plants. The ground is still wet, but I planted sweet pea seeds, to grow up a lattice near the roses and flower in spring. The fragrance of sweet peas is divine and I love the old-fashioned ruffled flowers.

Ever the optimist, I sowed Italian parsley seed in safe-from-the-possum places. I reserve judgement on whether this was a good move.
The odour of garlic is embedded under my finger nails, after I spent considerable time removing the cloves from the papery coverings. I then planted them all in the garden and hope they all grow into fat clumps. There is nothing like sweet, home-grown garlic, although I will have to wait until next summer to enjoy it!

Joyful moments - they are everywhere if only we take to time to notice them.


  1. You sent the rain to Canberra!
    - but I am glad you did that - we needed it!

  2. Hi Erica,
    do try cayenne pepper dusted over plants it repels possums they hate the taste and it wont harm you.


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